What's all the
Mathematics Standards, Division, and Constructivism
A perspective on the importance of having clear goals for student learning
Standards Under Fire
Why we must continue to press the case for reform (Also available in PDF ; see note below.)
Reform vs. the Basics
A nice piece from John Van de Walle, highlighting the differences in beliefs.
Parrot Math
Article by Tom O'Brien on the truth about "Back to Basics", published in the Kappan
The Mathematical Miseducation of America's Youth
Article by Mike Battista on the public controversy surrounding mathematics education, published in the Kappan
Dealing with the controversy
In the Trenches: Three Teachers' Perspectives on Moving Beyond the Math Wars
An honest and forthright analysis of the math wars from the teacher perspective.
Standing Up to the Critics
An interview with Joe Merlino, Director of the Greater Philadelphia Secondary Mathematics Project
The Good Old Days Never Were
Data from the past suggests that there is no turning back
Surviving the Math Wars
Proactive strategies for coping with the Math Wars, and maybe even making some progress!
Focusing the Debate
Position paper from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
What's up with California?
Implementing Standards: The California Mathematics Textbook Debacle
Changes in California will ultimately lead to a decrease is expected of our students
What Are the "Math Wars" in California All About?
An analysis of the issues involved in in the controversy in California
The Politics of California School Mathematics
Discussion of the anti-reform that occurred in that state from 1997-99
How are the states doing?
Quality Counts 2001
A report from Education Week on the status of Standards-based reform, including state-by-state reports.
What about testing?
High Stakes Testing
Compilation of position statements on this critical issue.
Assessing True Academic Success
A nice piece from Dan Kennedy talking about problems with the traditional view of testing.
What are some of the
big issues?
Making Mathematics Work for All Children
Article by Schoenfeld in Educational Researcher addressing critical factors in ensuring all children a good education
Integrated Mathematics

An overview of an important trend in Standards-based curriculum

Before It's Too Late
Excecutive Summary of a Report to the Nation from The National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching for the 21st Century
Inside Scoop: Math Wars
Column in NEA Today outlines positions on important issues drawn from a new NRC report
The Role of Calculators in Math Education
Summary of research on how calculators should be used, by Heidi Pomerantz.
A Splintered Vision
Influential report based on TIMSS pointing out the need for reform in the U.S. school mathematics curriculum. (PDF format; see note below.)
Which textbooks are good?
Curricular Controversy in the Math Wars: A Battle without Winners
It's time to move past the controversy and put our students first.
Standards-based Mathematics Curriculum Materials: A Phrase in Search of a Definition
Defining characteristics of standards-based curriculum
Mathematics Curricula and Guinea Pigs
The data underlying the new Standards-based curricula
Exemplary and Promising Mathematics Programs
Carried out by the Mathematics Expert Panel of the US Department of Education
Middle Grades Textbooks
Benchmarks-based evaluation carried out by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Algebra Textbooks
Benchmarks-based evaluation carried out by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
What are mathematicians saying?
The Goals of Mathematical Education
Classic article by George Polya, a leading proponent of mathematical problem solving.
The Mathematical Education of Teachers
Report from the Conference Board on Mathematial Sciences addressing the mathematics teachers should know.
Principles and Standards for School Mathematics: A Guide fo Mathematicians
The involvement of mathematicians in NCTM's updated Standards (PDF format)
Interview with Hyman Bass
Insights from the president of the American Mathematical Society; see especially the start of the third page (PDF format)

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