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What's all the
Mathematics Standards, Division, and Constructivism <
A perspective on the importance of having clear goals for student learning
Standards Under Fire <
Why we must continue to press the case for reform (Also available in PDF <
; see note below.)
Reform vs. the Basics <
A nice piece from John Van de Walle, highlighting the differences in beliefs.
Parrot Math <>
Article by Tom O'Brien on the truth about "Back to Basics", published in the Kappan
The Mathematical Miseducation of America's Youth <
Article by Mike Battista on the public controversy surrounding mathematics education, published in the Kappan
Dealing with the controversy
In the Trenches: Three Teachers' Perspectives on Moving Beyond the Math Wars <
An honest and forthright analysis of the math wars from the teacher perspective.
Standing Up to the Critics <
An interview with Joe Merlino, Director of the Greater Philadelphia Secondary Mathematics Project
The Good Old Days Never Were <
Data from the past suggests that there is no turning back
Surviving the Math Wars <
Proactive strategies for coping with the Math Wars, and maybe even making some progress!
Focusing the Debate <>
Position paper from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
What's up with California?
Implementing Standards: The California Mathematics Textbook Debacle <>
Changes in California will ultimately lead to a decrease is expected of our students
What Are the "Math Wars" in California All About? <
An analysis of the issues involved in in the controversy in California
The Politics of California School Mathematics <>
Discussion of the anti-reform that occurred in that state from 1997-99
How are the states doing?
Quality Counts 2001 <>
A report from Education Week on the status of Standards-based reform, including state-by-state reports.
What about testing?
High Stakes Testing <
Compilation of position statements on this critical issue.
Assessing True Academic Success <
A nice piece from Dan Kennedy talking about problems with the traditional view of testing.
What are some of the
big issues?
Making Mathematics Work for All Children <
Article by Schoenfeld in Educational Researcher addressing critical factors in ensuring all children a good education
Integrated Mathematics <

An overview of an important trend in Standards-based curriculum

Before It's Too Late <
Excecutive Summary of a Report to the Nation from The National Commission on Mathematics and Science Teaching for the 21st Century
Inside Scoop: Math Wars <>
Column in NEA Today outlines positions on important issues drawn from a new NRC report
The Role of Calculators in Math Education <>
Summary of research on how calculators should be used, by Heidi Pomerantz.
A Splintered Vision <>
Influential report based on TIMSS pointing out the need for reform in the U.S. school mathematics curriculum. (PDF format; see note below.)
Which textbooks are good?
Curricular Controversy in the Math Wars: A Battle without Winners <>
It's time to move past the controversy and put our students first.
Standards-based Mathematics Curriculum Materials: A Phrase in Search of a Definition <>
Defining characteristics of standards-based curriculum
Mathematics Curricula and Guinea Pigs <
The data underlying the new Standards-based curricula
Exemplary and Promising Mathematics Programs <
Carried out by the Mathematics Expert Panel of the US Department of Education
Middle Grades Textbooks <
Benchmarks-based evaluation carried out by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Algebra Textbooks
Benchmarks-based evaluation carried out by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
What are mathematicians saying?
The Goals of Mathematical Education <>
Classic article by George Polya, a leading proponent of mathematical problem solving.
The Mathematical Education of Teachers <>
Report from the Conference Board on Mathematial Sciences addressing the mathematics teachers should know.
Principles and Standards for School Mathematics: A Guide fo Mathematicians <
The involvement of mathematicians in NCTM's updated Standards (PDF format)
Interview with Hyman Bass <>
Insights from the president of the American Mathematical Society; see especially the start of the third page (PDF format)

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