Do you hate last-minute rushes to complete your homework? Do you want to master the art of assignment tackling? Then this is the article for you. In this article, I have featured tips that will make sure you complete your assignment faster. When you read this article, you will never have to worry about submission deadlines anymore.

Make a plan and a list

Most students do the mistake of jumping into assignments without a strategy. A strategy will help you prioritize your homework to make sure you complete the vital tasks first. Arrange your tasks according to how much effect they have on your grade. Doing so will put assignments like class projects on top of the list. Then follow the list strictly to make sure you finish your assignments fast.

Crossing out completed assignments also gives you satisfaction and motivation to tackle the other assignments.

Organize your supplies

The last thing you want while doing your assignment is to waste time. Having disorganized writing material wastes a lot of time. Imagine missing your calculator while doing mathematics or your pencils when sketching. You would then have to leave your workspace to find the calculator or pencil or even buy new ones. Doing so will waste a lot of time that you would have spent doing your assignment. To avoid such occurrences, make sure your supplies are neatly arranged and within reach.

Use a quiet environment away from distractions

To tackle your assignment accurately, you need to be focused. Concentrating on your work is, however, close to impossible when you have distractions around. Human noise or technological noise are all distractors that will shift your focus away from your assignment. So you have to avoid them at all costs. Find a quiet place, settle down with your tools and start working

Switch off screens

Screens are great distractors. Having your phone around you will always tempt you to surf social media and chat with friends. To avoid such occurrences, turn your phone off and hand it over to a person you trust for safe-keeping. Doing so will relieve you of the temptation to call, text, or surf social media. And so, your focus will solely be on your assignment.

Classical music

Every student will tell you that they get bored when doing their homework. Boredom slows you down, it kills your momentum and leads to the usage of more time to complete a simple task. To overcome this, try listening to classical songs when studying. Music kills boredom and re-energizes your mind. Try finding a song that you can sing along to. Spotify, as an online tool that offers thousands of songs to make sure you always have your favorite song within your reach.

Drink water and eat healthy snacks

Your brain uses energy to process questions and provide answers. Your hands also need the energy to write. Hence attempting to do your assignment on an empty stomach is probably a bad idea. Instead, have some snacks and water to help rejuvenate your brain.

Take breaks

Studying continuously causes boredom, and strain to both the mind and the body. So take constant breaks to freshen up your mind and stretch out your body. You can time your breaks to maintain consistency.

Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself after completing a task motivates you to work on the other assignments. For example, you might decide to eat your snacks only when you finish an assignment. Doing so will push you to work on the homework faster.


It is every student's dream to master the art of completing assignments fast. The tips provided in this article will make that dream come true. All you have to do is follow all the guidelines and watch as your assignment working time reduces gradually.