Why MathematicallySane.com?

There are at least two sides to every issue, including the so-called “Math Wars.”

MathematicallySane has been created to provide insights into the reform of mathematics teaching in the schools by making a compelling case that changes in our nation’s mathematics programs are imperative for our students’ future success and for the economic health of our nation. MathematicallySane has been developed to provide a broad array of evidence that reform initiatives have been successful and have raised student achievement in school districts across the country. We simply cannot afford to keep perpetuating the failed practices of the past.

Accordingly, MathematicallySane’s mission is to advocate — broadly and persuasively — for the rational reform of school mathematics. We seek to:

What is Mathematically Sane?

We are a national grass-roots group of teachers, administrators, teacher educators, parents, and mathematicians who are concerned about the future of mathematics education. We are self-financed and have no affiliation with any other organization, either non-profit or for-profit.

Everyone interested in the reform of school mathematics is invited to join Mathematically Sane; click here for information. You may also wish to subscribe to our RSS feed.

Using MathematicallySane.com

There are several ways you can access the information on MathematicallySane.com: