A science class will demand your attention, dedication, and effort for you to emerge victoriously. Here are some of the tips that will help you to succeed in such a class.

Things to do before going to class

Try Reading or skimming through your textbook before attending the class. That will give you an excellent edge to know the kind of information you're going to face in class, and you even post your understanding.

Several teachers or lecturers will follow the order as it is in the book, so it is, therefore, a good thing to know how far your teacher will cover in a single class so you can make a guess. When you go through a section, you might fail to understand it on your first try. Therefore, you should feel the material so that as soon as the instructor starts lecturing about it, you'll have some knowledge about the subject, and the lecture might turn out to be very productive on your end. Go through the lecture once more after the class to emphasize the sections you went through in class.

Things to do in class

Things to do after attending class

Go through your notes on the same day after the lecturer leaves the classroom. Ensure that you have all the information and that you didn't miss any critical element. Doing that will help you collect all the information from the lecture because you'll still remember the class in your mind. If you relax for some days without checking your notes, the chances are that you will not remember what the lecture was about, and therefore your memory will be a bit clogged.

Always Condense your notes after class. If you have gone through your notes, then you should rewrite them in a condensed manner. Ensure that you can easily understand whatever you have rewritten to help you while studying for the main exam.

Check the problems after doing one in class. Ensure that after every lecture, you go back to the Chapter to look at the types of questions and problems you may have touched while in class. Attempt the problems and avoid waiting until the night before your examinations because you'll need to do a lot of revision within a short period.