Speakers Kit

Highlight in your talks. Available in the following formats:
* PowerPoint
* PDF (color)
* PDF (black/white)


Mission statement for this site (PDF format). Also available in HTML format.

Commonsense Facts about School Mathematics

Hand-out from NCTM summarizing the case for Standards-based improvement (PDF format)

Commonsense Facts to Clear the Air

Hand-out from NCTM clarifying vital issues related to recent controversies (PDF format)

Commonsense Facts about the NCTM Standards

Hand-out from NCTM clarifying the truth about their standards (PDF format)

Commonsense Facts about Mathematics Education

Hand-out from NCTM making the case for reform in school mathematics (PDF format)

Mathematical Proficiency For All Students

Summary of report from the National Research Council making the case from research that mathematical proficiency requires both understanding and skills... and much more.

National Trends in Mathematics

Summary chart from the National Assessment of Progress showing steady improvement in mathematics achievement.

Comparison of Middle Grades Textbooks

Summary chart from the evaluation by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (PDF format)

Straight Talk about Calculators

Hand-out from NCTM making the case that calculators can be an effective tool for student learning (PDF format)

Straight Talk about the Basics

Hand-out from NCTM making the case that the basics are more than computation (PDF format)
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