There are at least two sides to every issue, including the so-called "Math Wars."

  • For too long, however, the public has heard primarily from the side of the traditionalists. has been developed to balance the equation.
  • For too long the case for reform has been unfairly characterized as "Fuzzy Math." MathematicallySane has been created to provide an alternative -- and more accurate -- view of reform by making a compelling case that changes in our nation's mathematics programs are imperative for our students' future success and for the economic health of our nation.
  • For too long there has been an insidious -- and often unanswered -- campaign to return mathematics instruction to the failed practices of the past. MathematicallySane has been developed to provide a broad array of evidence that reform initiatives have been successful and have raised student achievement in school districts across the country.

Accordingly, MathematicallySane's mission is to advocate -- broadly and persuasively -- for the rational reform of school mathematics. We seek to:

  • Help educators, citizens and policy-makers at all levels make a stronger case for better mathematics programs;
  • Gather and disseminate diverse success stories -- both anecdotal and data-based; and
  • Provide a forum for reform minded mathematics educators.

We have organized this information at We hope that you find this site supportive of your efforts to make mathematics work for ALL of America's students. Send us your ideas and your feedback at [email protected].

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