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The NSF-Sponsored Curriculum Projects

Compiled from Web sites

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has funded a number of curriculum projects for K-12 mathematics over the past decade, which are generally intended to promote high-quality mathematics education for all students. Note that we post these links as a service; we do not endorse or recommend any particular programs or products.

Elementary Grades

  • Everyday Mathematics <>
  • Investigations in Number, Data, and Space <>
  • Math Trailblazers <>

Middle Grades

  • Connected Mathematics Program <>
  • Math Thematics <>
  • Mathematics in Context <>
  • MathScape <>
  • Pathways to Algebra and Geometry (Middle-school Mathematics through Applications) <>

High School

  • Contemporary Mathematics in Context (Core-Plus Mathematics Program) <>
  • Interactive Mathematics Program <>
  • Math Connections <>
  • Mathematics: Modeling Our World (Applications/Reform in Secondary Education) <>
  • SIMSS Integrated Mathematics <>

Compiled from Web sites

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