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Urgent Request Regarding Funding for NSF

Over the past month it has become increasingly clear that the National Science Foundation's [NSF] Directorate for Education and Human Resources is under attack by people who dislike, in particular, the mathematics curriculum projects funded by the NSF. These people argue that the EHR directorate should be discontinued. You should know that this directorate has funded not only curriculum projects, but other excellent materials development projects. The state systemic projects, urban systemic projects, rural systemic projects, local change projects, and other NSF funded projects have provided strong professional development for many teachers over the years. This directorate also funds research on the teaching and learning of mathematics. We request that you contact your senators and representatives asking them to continue to support education work by the National Science Foundation. The letter need not be long. You might say, for example:

We are concerned about recent reports that certain members of Congress are favoring the elimination of the Directorate of Education and Human Resources from the funding provided to the National Science Foundation. The EHR directorate has provided needed funding for professional development, materials development, and research. We request that you continue the funding for this work. (You may want to add something about any particular support you may have received or benefited from.).

See to find names, emails, and addresses of your senators and representatives. We also urge you to contact Representative Nick Smith of Michigan <[email protected]>, who is Chairman of the Subcommittee on Research, and Representative Sherwood Boehlert of New York <[email protected]>, Chairman of the House Science Committee.

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