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Research Studies
The ARC Tri-State Student Achievement Study <>
Summary of a study outlining a comparison of schools using NSF-funded elementary curricula to schools using traditional curricula
National Assessment of Educational Progress 2000 <>

Latest national testing shows signficant gains since 1990

Impact of Standards-Based Mathematics Curricula in Massachusetts <>
Excellent study from Journal of Research in Mathematics Education using a quasi-experimental design to show that schools using reform curricula outperformed matched schools
Research on "Reform" Curricula <
A compilation of evaluation studies published by the NSF-sponsored curriculum projects
Traditional and 'Reform' Mathematics <

A comparison of two English schools shows traditional instruction does not prepare students well for life... or for standardized tests!

Teaching Really Does Matter! <
Students learning with hands-on activities outperform their peers. Highlights from an ETS report.
National Assessment Shows Encouraging Trends in Mathematics <
A report from the National Assessment of Educational Progress shows "consistent and steady" gains in mathematics since 1973.
Adding It Up: Helping Children Learn Mathematics <>

Report from the National Research Council making the case from research that mathematical proficiency requires both understanding and skills... and much more.

Analysis of Research
The SAT Gap <>
Article from New York Times outlining the progress that has been made in mathematics education, relative to reading, over the past decade
Success Stories
TIMSS-R Results In Ontario <
Implementation of a new curriculum leads to positive gains on TIMSS
Big City Schools Show Success <>
Standards-based reform projects in major cities produce positive gains for students
The Philadelphia Story <
A report on the success that Philadelphia is having in implementing a reform high school mathematics curriculum
The Michigan Invitational Group <>
Students using reform math are tops in the nation on TIMSS-R
Elementary Grades Implementation Stories <
Success stories about districts using reform curricula, collected by the ARC Center
Middle Grades Implementation Stories <
Success stories about districts using reform curricula, collected by the Show-Me Center
The Role of Research
Where's The Evidence? <
An interesting discussion of how research is playing out in the "Math Wars"
Relationships Between Research and the NCTM Standards <
An effective discussion by Jim Hiebert, a leading researcher, of the evidence supporting the Standards, as well as what research cannot tell us.

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