Standards-Based School Mathematics Curricula:
What Are They? What Do Students Learn?

By Sharon L. Senk & Denisse R. Thompson

In Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
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Over the past decade, a number of curricula have been designed to enact the vision of "reform mathematics" in general, and the specific recommendations of the NCTM Standards. See, for example, NSF-Sponsored Curriculum Projects.The question is whether these curricula have resulted in an improvement in student learning and achievement. This book sets out to answer that question, laying out the research related to 12 of these Standards-based curricula. Researchers were asked to identify content on which the students in these curricula outperformed students in traditional curricula, as well as content on which there was no difference. Additionally, independent scholars critique the evidence presented. For example,

  • "[There is] considerable evidence that the promises of reform mathematics are real and the fears of the anti-reformers unjustified." -- Swafford, page 458
  • "The studies reported in this book provide much needed evidence that the new programs work." -- Kilpatrick, page 472
A compelling picture of the effects of these new curricula emerges across this book. It will be a valuable resource for those interested in implementing reform curricula.

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