"Calling Out" the Stalkers of Mathematics Education

By Johnny Lott, President
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

In NCTM News Bulletin, January 2004

ABSTRACT (beginning of the article):

When the word stalker is used, different images come to mind: a hunter, a shadower, or possibly a person who follows another person with the intent to harm. In recent years, a kind of stalking, lurking menace has focused on the field of mathematics education. It is time to confront this presence and "call it out" for what it is.

This menace to mathematics education has appeared in three guises: the expert who uses position or power in an attempt to denigrate the field; people who use half-truths, fear, and innuendo to try to control public opinion, school boards, and other agencies that work with mathematics education; and, finally, federal agencies that use money to bend state and local school systems to their will.

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